The following are activities and learning tools I’ve created to help people learn about sustainability:

Pers sust plan cover

Business Simulation: Shows students how to apply sustainability into five different types of businesses. There is a strong industrial ecology component, encouraging sharing waste streams across businesses.

Biz Simulation cover

Energy Conservation: Teach students how to make their school more energy efficient and save the school money at the same time! Email for a copy of the lesson plan.
Every Day Decisions: Show students how to make more sustainable decisions everyday (eg, what they eat for breakfast, choice of sports, etc.)

Dragonfly’s Question: Novella and discussion guide, a course in sustainability concepts disguised as a darling father-daugher story.

Making Sense of Sustainability: Booklet explaining what sustainability is. Designed for the workplace but could just as easily be used in schools.

Personal Sustainability Plan: Assess your personal impacts, personal sustainability and identify your personal mission.

3 Sample cardsSustainability in Schools simulation card game: Activity for schools to learn how choose sustainability projects that make good business sense and then use those as learning opportunities.

Team Agreements: A simple tool to help students working in teams.


4 thoughts on “Learn

    1. I find that often, NGO’s have tunnel vision on their main mission and don’t pay enough attention to the rest of their impacts, especially internal/social (ie the workplace). What’s your experience?

    2. Hi, Willis,

      Thank you for posting on my blog. I thought I would answer you directly via email but the email came back.

      Can you give me a little more context for your question? What types of leadership….programs that are working directly on sustainability or NGO’s that have integrated sustainability into their organization or NGO’s that help other NGO’s be more sustainable? Or ???

      Off the top of my head, here are a few ways to answer your question. Maybe these will help you clarify your focus.

      –Lemelson Foundation supports social entrepreneurs. We helped build a Sustainability Overlay to the Business Model Canvas they use with NGO’s and entrepreneurs to clarify their business model. This Overlay is to be in the Creative Commons but they haven’t posted it yet. But I can share it with you if it would be helpful

      –ASHOKA gives start up funding to social entrepreneurs (many of which are NGOs)

      –International Society of Sustainability Professionals is providing leadership on the credentials needed for sustainability professionals in all sectors.

      Do any of these get close to what you were asking?

      Happy to talk via phone or Skype if that would be more efficient and helpful. Contact me at darcy.e.hitchcock at

  1. Thank you for your timely comments.
    I agree with your position and there is limited understanding of the dynamic capabilities of nonprofits. Also, there is minimal sustainability leadership in the NPO industry that can transform the quality of services/products and competitiveness of the business.

    Question: Can you recommend subject expert in the field of sustainability leadership? I am a doctoral student at the University of Charleston, West Virginia and my focus is sustainability leadership of executives of nonprofit organizations. If you have any thoughts, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you,

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