To create a sustainable society, we must first envision it.

Enough with the doom and gloom! Yes, we have big challenges. Every age has had them—the Black Death, World War I and II, Civil Rights, etc. Creating a sustainable society is the work of our time. Let’s get on with it! Let me share principles and success stories to inspire you to act.

1990-2013: AXIS Performance Advisors. Pushed sustainability and radical empowerment into organizations. Award winning author and speaker. Co-founded the International Society of Sustainability Professionals with three colleagues in the Pacific Northwest (because no one else would do it.)

2015-2021: Sustainability Alliance. Founded a coalition of local NGO’s guiding Sedona and the Verde Valley toward sustainability..

2022 and beyond: It’s still a bit of a mystery! Still working for change, just not for money! (ie, “retired.”)