To create a sustainable society, we must first envision it.

Enough with the doom and gloom! Yes, we have big challenges. Every age has had them—the Black Death, World War I and II, Civil Rights, etc. Creating a sustainable society is the work of our time. Let’s get on with it! Let me share principles and success stories to inspire you to act.

1990-2013: AXIS Performance Advisors. Pushed sustainability and radical empowerment into organizations. Award winning author and speaker. Co-founded the International Society of Sustainability Professionals with three colleagues in the Pacific Northwest (because no one else would do it.)

2015-2021: Sustainability Alliance. Founded a coalition of local NGO’s guiding Sedona and the Verde Valley toward sustainability..

2022 and beyond: It’s still a bit of a mystery! Still working for change, just not for money! (ie, “retired.”). I’m on the board of 4CORE (which does weatherization for low income families, educates people about electric vehicles, etc.) and mentoring a Native American student through the American Indigenous Business Leaders program. I’m also encouraging the local school system to better integrate sustainability into their curriculum. I’m working on a report tentatively called Fit for Life: Indigenizing Western Culture.