Homeless shelter puts homeless to work growing their own food.

A source not only of food but also dignity…http://magazine.good.is/posts/residents-homeless-shelter-plant-organic-garden-feed-shelter


More Great Work: Employees get over $200,000 when owner sells company 

This owner felt employees should benefit from the sale of the company so he shared a lot of the proceeds with them.  


The games we play

The games we play as kids teaches us certain values. When I was growing up Monopoly was one of the most popular games, teaching competition and unfettered greed. Boys liked to play Battleship. As I told you in Great Work, I took the Old Maid out of the deck so no one would lose. 

Now there are games that teach collaboration and value community well-being, not personal greed. That’s progress. I love the World Peace Game (see TedTalk on that.) Here’s another.


More great work: an NGO that keeps putting itself out of business

Splash wants to make sure that kids in orphanages have access to clean water. But they pulled out of Thailand in 4 years. No worries. They ensured that the orphanages could take over from there. Splash challenges us to take seriously the idea of creating enduring solutions that put charities out of business.