Colorado, USA

Commercial greenhouse atop Whole Foods

Gotham Greens sounds like where Batman golfs. Instead it’s a hydroponic greenhouse on the roof of Brooklyn’s Whole Foods.

Basil was the catalyst that made CEO Viraj Puri to build it.

At a dinner with his eventual cofounder of Gotham Greens, Eric Haley, and Jenn Frymark, now the chief greenhouse officer, Puri said they learned the basil on their pasta had been flown in from Israel.

Powered with renewable energy, the hydroponic farm uses a lot less water. And the distance between farm and grocery can be measured in feet not thousands of miles. The concept is so successful, they’re building more rooftop greenhouses in other locations.

In 2023, Gotham Greens expects to own and operate 13 high-tech, climate-controlled hydroponic greenhouses equaling over 40 acres across nine states. Gotham Greens has new greenhouse projects underway in Texas, Georgia, and Colorado, and is expanding existing greenhouses in Illinois and Rhode Island.